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Andrea joins the AlignandPull projects team

Andrea Kalin Joins AlignandPull as Senior Account Manager, supporting our continued growth.

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company branding brand development

The things great brands know. No 2

When developing a brand, there’s one thing to be avoided at all costs.

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brand perception

The things great brands know. No 1

Before you can change it, develop it, grow it, you first have to face up to the reality of it.

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powerful-branding simon sinek ted talk

People don’t buy what you do

Why is Apple so innovative as brand? Year after year, after year, they’re more innovative than all their competition.

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mergers and acquisitions, growth

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions. Don’t underestimate the need to manage this carefully to avoid a complete brand mess.

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brand design agencies business growth

Brand is effect, not the cause

We’re finding that the old ‘positioning + visual identity’ formula no longer delivers, everyone is doing that.

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guide dogs alignandpull birmingham brand agency

Guide dog cuteness

We love looking after guide dogs, who bring additional Christmas cheer and cuteness to the brand creative studio.

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recruitment and retention of carers

Carer recruitment retention

To successfully recruit care staff you have to be strong and differentiated. Or else you are just noise.

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You could miss it

City’s are the melting pot of change, early adoption, competing and cross-pollinating brand cultures.

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Key person of influence

AlignandPull were in attendance, The Key Person of Influence Brand Accelerator, Barbican Centre London, October the 7th.

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