Branding Agency in Birmingham. So what do the AlignandPull team get up to outside of work?

What do they do for the love, for the fun? Well hey making movies is cool.

Branding Agency in Birmingham, outside of work?

Crowd funding is amazing way to get independent creative ventures off the ground, and long may it continue. You are no longer so restricted by creative compromise to please funders whims. You can pitch the concept you want to do online, and put it out there for little nuggets of investment from people who share your passions. The highly portable broadcast quality kit is now well in the realms of affordable, editing is a PowerBook Pro laptop away, publicity taken care by social media’s niche networks. The only limits are your imagination.

Myself, I love urban exploring and hidden spaces, being a member of the Subterranean Britannica. An organisation and is ‘into’ exploring with – special permission – in a crazy pot holing kind of way – long forgotten man-made underground structures, which criss-cross Britain. Some are vast time capsules behind impervious blast doors that can take a whole day to walk around. It brings it home how close, perhaps we were to nuclear oblivion with these vast self-sufficient installations. Others are disused, sealed civil structures underground stations and infrastructures complete with 1950’s advertising, perfectly preserved by the cool and the dark. It’s like stepping back in time in the human experience, like no other way. And, oh yes I am afraid of the dark.

So this underground apocalyptic isolation film is right up my street; you can bet I am on the front of the premier, spicy nachos.

So this is a film called Marooned.



Marooned follows the story of Richard Parker, the lone survivor of a three-man group, stationed deep underground after an unidentified cataclysm, sometime in the middle of the twentieth century.

Living in solitude, deep within the confines of the nuclear bunker, he Is haunted by memories of his life before the event and nightmares of what may come. Here, he must come to terms with the choice that fate has dealt him.


Royal Observer Corps bunker in an undisclosed location south of Bristol. Full backing from past ROC troops that manned the actual station during the cold war. Bunker is privately owned by 2 ex ROC troops


Began script writing – 2013
Casting took place – Summer 2014
Shooting took place – Autumn 2014 – Spring 2015
Editing – Spring 2015 – Summer 2015

Screenplay & Story by – Alex Clough, Adam Whitehouse, Neil Collins, Andrew Porter
Produced by – Alex Clough
Directed by – Adam Whitehouse
Edited by – Alex Clough
Art & Design – Andrew Porter

Premiere – September 26th at 1 pm at the Mockingbird Theatre, Custard Factory, Birmingham, please attend and give your support.


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