Branding for manufacturing

Branding for manufacturing, we love it. AlignandPull secures ground up brand development and guardianship with a new kind of British lighting manufacturer; that’s brave, innovative and is and has the potential to – disrupt the complacent ‘traditional’ established players in lighting.

Lighting, it’s saturated, with everything forms questionable containers of LED lamps from China and a quick to set up website E-commerce site that looks half credible to the establishment of lighting manufacturer brands that can often and do charge a premium sometimes with little just. So, how does a new contender define a niche and brand value when the odd are on the surface seem stacked against them?

It starts with the leadership of the company. You know are made of the right stuff and are going to be brave enough, with nothing to lose and everything to prove. Not just riding out to a payout and pension thinking that the world has not changed. They have the ‘let’s do it’ youthful attitude combined with got the T-Shirt experience to apply strategic business thinking.

It’s great working in partnership at board level with ‘these types’ to develop the brand, a transcendent belief, behavioural system that will underpin and drive every aspect of the organisation, further growth, recognition and market share. The organisation has already proven itself to be mighty winning on pure merit some lighting contracts with large household names – they are cleaning up.

Needless to say, we love working with this kind of brave ‘can do’ organisation with the right mentality that have strong open, responsive, progressive leaderships. It’s not the money for us it the opportunity to work with strong people with genuine talent. It’s a great fit and we know this kind of people can achieve great things and disrupt the market.

We will keep you posted as we develop.

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Branding for manufacturing