Building Brand Value. Here is a tribute to great client partnerships and the magic that happens when you stick together through thick and thin, with total commitment and essentially a subtle unconditional love.

Building Brand Value

It’s not a digger; it’s a JCB.

Building Brand Value. I learnt about the value of amazing partnerships and how these create amazing opportunities early in my career at JCB. Jo Bamford recognised that brand development, advertising, marketing and PR were amazing tools to drive acceptance of his new hydraulic shovel that fitted to the front of a standard farm tractor. He recognised that he needed a long-term agency partner and that was the agency Brookes and Vernon, who had this amazing, instinctive relationship formed over years of partnership and being immersed in the excavator business. That always kept JCB way-way ahead of the game.

Building Brand Value. We have amazing client partners, who we use to benchmark new opportunities and potential relationships.

We have achieved great things together working in an instinctive, innovative and proactive way from the ground up. It such a great feeling when you have this type of partner relationship that values going about things in the right way, collaborative and objective in working, the goal always to improve the business.

Mistakes are made of course (omelette, eggs). We all as a team accept that this is part of the innovation process, it was not a mistake, it was an iteration, using SCRUM and LEAN methodology. This creates a culture of let’s keep trying to move forward towards a unique solution that then works. (not just lazily cloning the competition).

Building Brand Value. The competition have been left floundering in the wake. The Mayflex EXCEL organisation continues to grow at an unrelenting rate, winning the Olympics contract, the Shard and other prestigious projects and industry awards left right and centre. A 6th sense has been developed between the team, the magic that JCB has with it’s partners. The competition gets near, often copying but we have already moved on to the next great idea.

This simply would not be possible without this long-term commitment and deep understanding of each other. That keeps the unrelenting wave moving forward. I find this book to be a fantastic inspiration, I have read it four times, I have an Audio book version in my car, it soulful and heartwarming stuff.


Brand Value


Building Brand Value through great partnerships Former Disney CEO Michael Eisner ‘Working Together’. A fascinating and invaluable look at why great partnerships succeed, former Disney CEO Michael Eisner discusses how professional partnerships have contributed to his success. Eisner tells the stories of nine other highly successful business collaborations, including: Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger, Valentino and Giancarlo Giammetti, Bill and Melinda Gates, Joe Torre and Don Zimmer, and Brian Grazer and Ron Howard.

It’s great stuff.

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