Effective Product Marketing. Partnering with a wonderful British furniture designer and manufacturer, to help clarify and develop out their brand value proposition across all aspects of the orgnisation.

These guys make some beautiful stuff, and we are pleased to help move the business forward with a new clarity conviction the senior management.

We are now entering the physical, creative phase after 6 months of research, analysis development, workshops, creative brainstorms and study. The work is already influencing furniture design direction, creating employment, with some stunning new products at pre-production on the horizon that are a perfect fit to the market.

A shining case studies an example of an organisation that ‘gets’ true ‘deep dive’ brand development. Preferring to get it right to take the whole organisation on the journey, getting immense value out of our services. Meetings that spark, excite and inspire people to work together, creating strong transcendence to isolate and solve the challenges.

Effective product marketing

From the leadership to the factory floor to design department, customer services, logistics, sales to incentivising the dealers. Incongraunce of purpose and message to total congruence and alignment.

We love working with enthusiastic and creative leaders of British industry. We will share more developments as we progress together.

Nomique Case Study

Excel Case Study

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