Graphic Designer Jobs in Birmingham

Graphic Designer Jobs in Birmingham. We welcome Joe to the AlignandPull cognitive brand development team us as part of our ambition to continue to build AlignandPull creative thinking capability. Joe was shortlisted from many strong applicants, some from as far as New York. Joe clearly demonstrated more than just good design skills to contributed to the AlignandPull organisation, he also has great thinking, reasoning and brand problem-solving. He passed all our creative tests with flying colours.

Joe has won many notable awards for 2011 and 2012, from the B-Hive initiative in Birmingham. Joe was also nominated for an award at the 2012 BCU Vis Comm student awards.

Joe hails from Burton on Trent (the home of great water for great beer) and has moved into Birmingham, right next door to our offices in fact. Joe is a keen and dedicated golfer. He is a passionate football fan and a lifelong supporter of Birmingham City FC.

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