Improving Customer Experience. AlignandPull delivers another well-received interactive workshop in London as part of a program of work help a well known CRM and Customer Experience Software Provider.

Improving Customer Experience

Align and define their team thinking across product sets, development, marketing and communications and sales. Provide clarity of value proposition in a sector where is very little value proposition differentiation between providers. Distil a complex product offering into a succinct clear, and targeted messaging structure.

The workshop had representatives from front-line business development, client services, the marketing and communications department, software development, integration, online communications, consultancy and the strategic leadership team.

The MD commented: “Hello James, just to follow-up with you on the session today, I thought it was an excellent and valuable session.”

It’s alway great to work with a team to objectively focus around and ambition and be appreciated for an outside view that help an organisation to progress.


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