Well, it has certainly changed and continues to dramatically change with the continual reinvention of community conversation and brand interaction.

If that statement wasn’t enough to get us thinking, it was announced too that Britain is no longer in the midst of a double dip recession, we are IN a double dip recession. This marks a time of uncertainty and danger for business owners but also marks a huge opportunity for the few, smart ones.

AlignandPull worked with a number of businesses throughout 2011 to help them successfully grow their business during the recession. We are now living through the longest downturn for more than a century. But there is a solution, and that is to become exceptionally good at Marketing. This is something that needs to be actioned not next month or next year… but right now.

In response to this, AlignandPull would like to invite a select number of marketing professionals to join us for lunch on Wednesday 2nd May or Wednesday 9th May to look at the new marketing techniques and landscape that we are all operating within.

This will be a key opportunity for a small group of like-minded people to come together to discuss the challenges we face, and ways we can successfully overcome them in order to grow and develop business, increase market share, increase sales and enhance brand visibility during the recession. Lucy and James from AlignandPull have over 20 years experience in marketing and manage a Birmingham-based business transformation agency with a vision to grow and support businesses based in the Midlands.

If you would like to join us for this special event, please email your name, position and organisation with your preferred date Wednesday 2nd May 1pm – 2pm / Wednesday 9th May 1pm – 2pm to: lucy.whitehill@alignandpull.com

Hope you can make it!


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