Mobile Websites. We believe that in the year 2012 half of all web traffic will be coming from mobile devices (compared to 20% in 2009). But why is this? There are three main factors; faster mobile web browsing thanks to 3G, the ease of web browsing on smartphones such as the Apple iPhone and lastly cheaper services from mobile internet providers. These key factors are making it easier for people to browse the web from the palm of their hand so the number of people browsing on their mobile devices is rising. Orange recently did a survey of mobile phone users which revealed that 53% of people are browsing the internet on their phones.

Mobile websites

My company has a website so what’s the big deal? Mobile web is not the same as your broadband at home or the office, the screens are much smaller and the connection speed of 3G is nowhere near as fast as your broadband. Potential customers visiting your website via their mobile device will not stay on your site for very long once they realise you don’t have a Mobile Web page because they will experience frustratingly slow page load times, and the screen will be too large. In having a mobile website not only will you be keeping these customers by giving them a pleasant user experience you will also be improving your discoverability on mobile web search engines as Google, Bing and Yahoo all have Mobile Web versions of their search engines that give priority to Mobile Websites.

So what will my business’s Mobile Web page look like? The Mobile Web version of your site will look like a stripped down copy of your desktop site. The design focus is on speed of access. The site will be designed in such a way that it still looks good on the small smartphone screens and the navigation is simplified so that it works with touch screens devices such as the iPhone. Mobile websites are the future of the internet and many customer based websites are missing out on the sheer number of potential clients that would access their site if only it was geared up for mobile surfing.


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