Saatchi Brand Workshop. Ohhh so very excited to be invited and attend a client workshop last week with Saatchi Masius. These are the big boys. The ad men. The guys behind The RAC’s proposition ‘the 4th emergency service’, BA’s ‘Connecting people’, Guinness ‘Paint the town Black’…

Saatchi Brand Workshop

I was ready to witness magic.

Saatchi ran the workshop to provide the internal team with a clear understanding of the background behind the brand ‘operating idea’ and how it should be the benchmark for all communication.

It was great to see how such an aspirational agency does it from the inside out, within the process representing a client. Fresh and in-tune approaches that are based around actually solving the problem for the client. The great thing was – their approach is much like ours. Always so much to learn but knowing we follow the same process and principles of delivering a brand was ‘air punchingly’ awesomely great.

Saatchi Brand Workshop. Saatchi is clearly embracing the boutique agency style discoveries of what works. Like us, they are anti-guidelines and slapping design work all over the place, “here are your new logo and guidelines, this is your new brand.” Focusing on first engagement, defining a purpose, creating a belief system and empowering the people within an organisation to identify and all unify around a single encompassing proposition to drive the creative idea.

Fantastic stuff.

Thanks for a great day and we look forward to the next iteration.

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