Senior Creative Jobs in Birmingham. Andrew joins the AlignandPull agency brand creative team as Senior Creative. Out of a total 63 applicants competing for the Senior Creative post; Andrew was shortlisted for the final step in the process, trials of the best 3. Andrew clearly proved he was a superior business and brand cognitive creative. Immediately getting stuck into projects, working well with the strategic team; problem-solving being committed to our cause of ‘real’ and ‘effective’ brand development; a key attribute of the AlignandPull team. He is also a decent, jolly and likable team player type bloke – which is critical to a smashing team environment.

Senior Creative Jobs in Birmingham

Andrews passions out of work he enjoys cooking, photography, movies and travel as well and driving personal film projects. He has discovered the amazing hipster bakery round the corner his amazing fish chowder was topped off by the excellent hunks of bread.

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