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How aligned is your business to your customers?

Service design the critical component that often get missed.

Service Design Agency. Customers are not afraid to exercise their right to choose, in a world of vast easy choice. Most organisations operate in a highly competitive environment where a small slip in the service standards, expectations, failing to deliver on your brand promise could have serious repercussions for a company’s profitability and viability.

Before the web and social media, negative experience could be to some degree be counteracted with the soothing oils of public relations and positive messaging spin. Now your customers are media and have a powerful voice for positivity and negativity about your organisation and can swing perceptions. Rubbish. So-so. Good oh and Brilliant.

The desired result is services (and products) that are exactly what the customer wants and what you can deliver well and profitably as an organisation.

Service Design Agency. A common problem is the understanding of how service design can help. It is a common mis-conception that a company has to design its services entirely around the needs of the customer. In reality, services have to be designed in a manner that both the service provider and the customer find the exchange to be mutually rewarding.

I believe organisations should be obsessive about how to add value to the customer rather than merely reducing the cost of the service which does not always benefit the service provider. (Hugely tempting in tough economic times, but this is an easy option which can destroy your hard earned value proposition and your position in the market place.)

The differing interests of the service provider and the user have to be aligned in a manner that is only possible if the company truly understands what its customers require from it.

There are various processes that take place within a company in order to provide service to a customer. AlignandPull study them carefully before recommending any changes so that the entire organisation customer business eco-system works well and is sustainable.

Take into account the requirements of the people involved in providing the service. No matter how good the product or the process is, it needs to be implemented in the proper manner by your people, who need to be engaged in the process and totally believe in the cause.

Study is needed to examine more than what is obvious to others, taking into account the customer’s pre and post user experience.

It is very important to design services that will help a organisation attract new customers and retain existing ones.

The basic premise of designing services is to help a company demonstrate to its customers how it (your service, product etc.) can add value to their lives and solve their problems.

Service Design Agency – why?

Sure it’s not as exciting and immediate as working on your brand, your website, your advertising first, but with a shortage of customers if you build on a strong business improvement and service design foundation you can dramatically reduce your costs and become much more attractive than your competition. Your creative is much more founded, your voice more resonating and powerful – when you communicate.

You conquer with a new relevance.

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