“Let’s make America great again”

Successful Branding Strategies. The attractive mast-head of American political protagonist Donald Trump. But what is this suspiciously alluring promise based on? Certainly not balance, consistency, humility or logic. His approach is intrusive, aggressive, incendiary and it CERTAINLY isn’t grounded in any form of substance. And that’s where things will fall apart.

By basing a campaign on an inconsistent, contentious message, we set ourselves up to fail. Sure, the initial response might be good, after-all, you’re telling people what they want to hear. But as soon as your audience begins to realise that you’re failing to deliver on your promises, things will begin to fall apart. Sales will drop off, enthusiasm for your brand will diminish, and people will eventually look elsewhere.

So why should anyone give a damn about your products, services and indeed you organisation?

Successful Branding Strategies. We are in an age of indifference. Markets are saturated, consumers have too much choice, and everyone is claiming to be the market leader, the number one in their field, the answer to all of your problems. People don’t know where to look for the truth. They are waking up to the fact that the diet pills they just ordered might just be a placebo, and not a fast-track ticket from morbidly obese to beach-fit, Speedo-stud! But some brands seem to be excelling none-the-less. Some products seem to hold their revered superior status. But why?

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Why is the answer, not the question

Successful Branding Strategies. For a brand to be successful, it needs to have substance. Why do you do what you do? What get’s you up in the morning? Where does your passion come from and how does it translate into your product? If you can answer these questions, you’re half way there. You are building up a story and a narrative. Something that people can buy into and believe in. Perhaps most important of all, something that you can deliver on once the initial promise has been made. You can build a strong proposition, with genuine depth, that attracts and pulls people naturally towards you and aligns your product with your brand.

If long lasting success that is deeply grounded in substance is what you want, we can help.


People don’t buy what you do: They buy why you do it

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