We do the big stuff – in a dizzying world of business strategies, brand strategies, marketing strategies, social media strategies, competitor analysis, meetings with the CEO to present the big stuff; measures, market penetration, spring boards and current brand positions.

I am pretty sure there is no way within an age of super clean, super food safety paranoia and in the prevailing blame and claim litigation culture, that a feather straight from a chickens bottom (suspiciously free from muck) could fall into a box of eggs going into a supermarket?

This morning my children were excited to see a feather in a box from a real chicken. That little white washed and sanitised feather speaks volumes. We imagine the egg’s being boxed in a barn by the farmer wife, we visualise happy hen’s living the ‘free range’ life; pecking, preening and strutting their stuff. The egg brand in our minds is possibly now considerably more ‘free range’ and ‘welfare’ orientated than other ‘free range’ egg brands on the shelf. It sticks.

What little, unexpected very low cost things could you do that would make people stop, smile, think, remember and talk about your product service or brand?

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