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Advertising Agency Birmingham. Brand centric, heart and minds AlignandPull has been chosen to develop a high profile, powerful, pan-European, multi-channel, the multi-lingual campaign promoting business in the EU.

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We are also gaining some unique insight into ourselves as we fumble around the misinformation, spin, and political jostling about what the EU means, leave or stay? What does it business in the UK and across Europe, collaborating, importing, exporting good and services? How will it affect our clients? It’s good to begin to get an unbiased insight around the research and development. BREXIT is a monumental decision, with wider ramifications for all our futures. Not having the precise information to make an informed decision makes us uncomfortable. Our job is to ensure that Europe is still perceived and is the place to do business, a fair, inclusive and progressive for all.

Adverting Agency Birmingham that is brand-centric. We are thrilled to have been selected on merit and experience to undertake this important and influential advertising campaign.

We will keep you posted.

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