We have done some lovely work for Harris Brushes, who make quality products and have done for many years. But, even the most sacred of established brands, with Royal Warrants proudly emblazoned, that have great quality products are not immune from progress and aggressive competition from home and abroad.


Brand Refreshing

Crowds and the stand out

As the market space becomes increasingly more crowded and products commoditised, once unique feature differentiations get copied, and even strong brand positions get thumped into the shade.

Harris has a huge range of products, choice and brush and accessory for every application and type of paint.

Brand Refreshing

Right tool for the job

Over the years, new products were introduced,  and over time it became more confusing and challenging for the consumer to navigate and choose the right product quickly.

Some rationalisation was needed.

So, we have been working disassembling and then reassembling, making it easier for the consumer to differentiative the value and quality of Harris products.

What do I need to paint this wall using this type of water-based paint medium?

Brand Refreshing

Brand Refreshing

It’s about fundamental questions

It was also important to ask fundamental questions about painting and decorating.

Is the consumer likely to reuse the painting equipment or are consumers now more likely to go down the cheap route, negating a messy brush clean?


Brand Refreshing

Intuitive digital experiences are now critical

Online consumer experiences are now critical components, consumer research extensively online and look at micro influencer reviews as are in-store digital experiences.

The whole ecosystem needed to be seamlessly connected.

Brand Refreshing

Brand Refreshing

Brand refreshing

New packaging, identifiers and point of sale concepts and the tools quickly choose the right product instore and online all working together as a great system.Brand Refreshing

We like reinvigorating great brands, for relevance and future success – it’s fun.


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