Brand strategy agency AlignandPull attends LuxLive 2014 at EXCEL in London.

Brand Strategy Agency. A fascinating lighting show where the latest and greatest lighting innovations and products are showcased. It certainly a time of huge innovation in lighting. The march of progress is unrelenting and exciting.

We have two lighting clients one a high end, a long-established, well-known manufacturer, the other a distributor and retailer of the latest LED products.

Exhibitions are great to see live brand battles and people clearly vote with their feet, how interested and how important a brand and campaign proposition is to them. Exhibitions are strong visual brand barometer for us. Some smart stands stand’s complete ghost towns; whilst others having queues of people waiting just to get onto the stand to talk to the organisations representatives.

Many exhibitors think the stand design makes all the difference, make or break on the day. Often remarking, “exhibiting is a waste of time” if it’s a flop. We think it a cumulation of how people feel about their brands and how effective their marketing and brand strategy and product development has been – longer term.

Brand strategy agency

It’s a harsh, unfair reality. Sure – a great exhibition is part of the connecting picture, but the smarter cookies build their brand over time and put in the pre-work before the show and reinforce after the show.

For AlignandPull as brand specialists, it insightful to absorb the vibe, context and sentiment of the show. What is hot, what is not, where is the brand feeding ground and what are ‘they’ feeding on and getting frenzied about.

When exhibiting, it difficult to take the time to walk around, so we catalogue as much of the show for review.

We discreetly invade the competitor’s stands and grill them. As they think, we are a potential ‘high rolling’ procurement customer and are in ‘sales mode’ so lots of glorious information and insight imparted.

So covert.

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