Branding a lighting manufacturer

Branding a Lighting Manufacturer

Headquartered in Halesowen in the West Midlands, CAP7 (previously named British LED) specialise in providing LED lighting solutions to large-scale and small-scale businesses. For the past couple of years, they have enjoyed rapid growth and numerous successes, establishing themselves as a key player in a new wave of energy efficient, sustainable lighting providers.

Having somewhat outgrown their initial brand and identity, it was time to evolve. And it was up to us to develop a concept.

Branding an SME is one of the key transformative factors in the developmental step-up from small business to large enterprise. So we began as we always do, with our Brand Spanking workshop. This gives us the opportunity to get under the skin of a business, determining their market, competitors and customer perceptions. We dig down into the core of what makes them unique, and try to pinpoint WHY they do what they do, where they want to be and how they want to be perceived. From here we can identify their key differentiators and begin to develop a new set of values that will shape their new brand and act as a catalyst for future marketing strategies and campaigns.

The concept

Branding a Lighting Manufacturer

The benefits that go alongside switching to LED are endless. 90% reductions in energy bills, 100% tax relief on products, 14 month typical ROI, 80% reduction in carbon emissions and a predicted life-span of 25 years for every single lightbulb to name but a few. But every LED lighting provider can make these claims, so what is it that makes CAP7 unique? Why do their customers choose them over their competitors? The answer isn’t in what they do, but WHY they do it.

CAP7 are pioneers. Their sole purpose and reason for existing is to create a new culture of positive change for the future; To change the face of next generation commercial lighting forever. They are leading an LED Revolution and if you’re a progressive, forward thinking business they can tailor a bespoke, end-to-end solution that will not only save you money now, but future proof your business against rising energy costs, taxes and maintenance bills. Their team of experienced lighting designers, fitters and account managers will ensure a seamless switch-over, even making sure that your old hardware is recycled and disposed of responsibly. This really only leaves one question… Why wouldn’t you?

The principle of Positive Change is a strong one. It’s sentiment is something that we can all relate to. It gives the brand purpose and demands enquiry. Once presented with the facts in a coherent, visually engaging way, a simple sign-off of “Why Wouldn’t You” puts the client back in the spotlight. It reinforces a proposition that is difficult to argue with. After all, this is not a commodity market, but one of logic and necessity.

The identity

CAP7 represent a new approach to lighting. They are innovative, future-focussed and brave. They not only focus on promoting the economical and environmental benefits of their products, but also the aesthetic improvements. Their products have the capability to change the human experience of an environment, when used to their full potential. We designed a strong, simple identity that communicates the cleanliness of the product and the visual dynamic of the end user experience. We decided on a photography style that focusses on close crops of the beautiful, contemporary spaces that the products are used in. We are no longer looking at the product as a simple lightbulb, but as a crafted, beautifully designed installation. Combined with minimal infographics, the branding resonates with interior design aficionados as well as frugally-minded project managers. The identity exudes confidence and sophistication, whilst remaining visually informative and inarguably logical.

Project deliverables included name generation and a brandmark that allowed for growth and expansion, brand guidelines, a new website, stationery design, packaging design and marketing collateral.


branding_a_lighting_manufacturer_01branding_a_lighting_manufacturer_02Branding a lighting manufacturerBranding a lighting manufacturer

Branding a manufacturerBranding a lighting manufacturer   Branding a lighting manufacturerBranding a lighting manufacturerBranding a lighting manufacturer


Branding a Lighting Manufacturer

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