Branding Agency Work Experience


Branding Agency Work Experience

Branding Agency Work Experience. Hello, I’m Jessica, I’m fifteen and a student in my last year of high school.  As part of year 11, my school asks that all students go on a work placement for one week, to get a feel for what life could be like for us in a few years and to show us what life is like in the working world.  Knowing i was especially interested in persuing a career in advertising, marketing or branding i immediately looked at the companies available that would give me a feel for this type of work Branding Agency Work Experience. Like many, i have set high aspirations for myself and hope to make the most of my future on any route i decide to take. While on my time at work experience i hoped to gain a useful insight into what it is like to work in a branding agency, to see if i would like to go after this as a career possibility.

The team at AlignandPull wasted no time getting me involved – giving me interesting and beneficial tasks to take part in, as part of a group, such as creative thinking sessions, or independently, for instance market research. As part of my week here i have also attended client meetings, thinking sessions, name generations, client problem solving along with researching and analysing methodologies, including SCRUM project management. In all of these tasks there has been a friendly, open and stimulating environment around the office.

During my time at AlignandPull i have learnt many valuable skills and techniques that will benefit me, and that i can apply to many situations that will no doubt arise in my future.

Branding Agency Work Experience. One of these being the Scrum methodology – with learning about the scrum methodology, that can be integrated into my study methods this year and the upcoming final years of my education as well as my future career,  i will now be able to work independently, and as part of a team, in a faster, efficient and innovating approach.

As well as researching the scrum methodology, i was also given the opportunity to present my finding in a open discussion with James and Andrew. This opportunity not only gave me a valuable insight into methods used by many companies in many different industries but also gave me a chance to practice speaking and presenting skills that are needed, not only in the work place, but also in school and further education.

After researching the methodology i was also able to observe and take part in sprint sessions, a vital part of the scrum method, showing me how the methodology is put into action in a work place.

Finally, knowing the benefits and effects of such a methodology will give me an advantage when looking for a job in the future, especially one in this industry, as the methodology teaches a versatile and creative approach to work tasks which, if used, offers a big competitive advantage to those who include it in their work.

Similarly, in the client thinking sessions – such as the name generations, not only was i involved as part of the team, but was also encouraged to share ideas and participate. In these sessions i was able to gain a  valuable insight  into how brands are developed and improved. Branding Agency Work Experience.

I want to thank the team at AlignandPull for giving me the opportunity to come and experience a week in their work place Branding Agency Work Experience. Not only were the team helpful and considerate, giving me valuable advice on what would be needed to get into this industry as well as showing me what their work includes, they were also very benevolent – making me feel welcome from day one. I can’t thank them enough for not only putting time aside to fit me onto their busy work schedule but for also preparing a thoughtful and beneficial schedule for me that will benefit me now and later in life.


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