Branding agency, the common issues that we see. The Power Good Collaborative Briefing

Branding agency and a poor project structure. We just love this short movie about disruptive dysfunctional behaviours.

Thankfully, not one of our clients is like this. For a very good reasons, we are consciously selective about the team culture of the clients we work with. To be an effective Branding Agency. If any project or team relationships lack clarity or a clear brand direction we offer our processes of brand validation, clarification, engagement to define thinking. Bringing groups together in a unified direction of travel to avoid waste and more often than not intense frustration is critical to brand development success.

The branding agency – it’s their job to challenge.

It’s in everyone’s interests encourage healthy ‘super productive’ behaviors. Often branding agencies avoid having these conversations from the outset to avoid conflict when the result by not addressing the issue is inevitable; there is conflict when the output is bad anyway.

Any branding agency worth their salt should create a good creative briefing culture that starts way before the creative brief. Constructuve challenge should begin way before any creative work to define the absolute business purpose and ‘Why?’.

The Power of Why

We live and breath SCRUM and LEAN methodologies and structured insight gathering. It stops the merry-go-round of purpose goal ambiguity, departmental ‘tweaking’, over complicating, the lack clarity, the resulting waste of everyone’s time, budget busting and, well a devastating tearful car crash of bad results.

When everyone aligns we see the magic, we have seen this many times how can excellent be delivered, the big underlying problems are solved, great business results happen, and EVERYONE is happy!

We believe it is the agency’s fault in this instance, and yes our agency peers will swear, shout and gnash their teeth “NOOO! It’s the client’s fault!”. Sorry industry friends it’s the agency’s fault for not challenging the thinking and facilitating engagement from the client team or ‘STOP’ the project and avoid the crash, you are not being fair to your clients.


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