Business agility and iteration

Business agility and iteration. The rate of change is fast and unrelenting, businesses of all kinds from SME’s to corporations are being disrupted. New challengers are taking on and winning against more established businesses and models.

Business agility and iteration.

A new kind of agency is needed, the current models do not work

So, we became the project. By treating ourselves as the client, we developed a new appreciation of the client experience – identifying the need for change, how they go about it, and the resistance that goes with it.

It started with a step back, observations, trying new ways of working, and studying what seem like completely unrelated industries.

Business agility and iteration. We also looked at LEAN and Agile methodologies and mindsets as well as participating in LEAN startup groups. We considered the impact of disruptive approaches and automation.

It not about size anymore, it’s about agility and capability

Having great conversations with our clients and collaborating, CEO’s, CCO’s, Entrepreneurs, Marketing Directors, Corporations to SME’s about what the perfect agency service and relationship looked like.

By partnering with Aston University Business School, we developed the tools to question, challenge take apart and reassemble our business model. We discussed as a team how we could change the way we work. How we can be more productive and offer better services to improve effectiveness for clients.

As a result, we are creating stronger propositions and systems that resonate with tomorrows markets and value sets. Great design is only great design if it is fit for purpose and has some agility.

Innovation and flux is now the business normal

We are going through a profound business revolution; we observed the rapid pace of change, automation, AI, integration, disruption and how this state of innovation and flux is now the business normal.

A brand new agile agency model was born, not just rebranded, a model that will keep evolving and will be true to the concept of agility and effectiveness.

It not about size anymore, it’s about agility, adaptability and capability.


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