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We are a branding agency that applies our focused thinking to the digital channel. We don’t do the run of the mill wallpaper websites; they waste clients money. What we do for clients is develop online brand experiences, create long-lasting customer relationships, plant the seed for evolving online communities and drive sales. We create connected, super 360-degree online brand programs for clients that appreciate the bigger picture, understand WHY they do what they do and strive to sink the competition.

Digital agency Birmingham. How to create differentiation online brand experiences

Creating a web presence used to be difficult and needlessly technical; but no longer. Websites are now considered commodities that everyone should possess. Gone are the days of tying your clients into awful maintenance contracts with no end date. Producing ‘bespoke CMS interfaces’ that can only be updated by one single web developer, because nobody else can understand the mess of bodged code that they have created in languages that they barely understand. God forbid your in-house developer decides to take a job at another agency and leaves you floundering… Best not think about it. Bribe him with donuts. He wont leave if there’s donuts.

For a while, just having a website was a competitive advantage

We are now in the age of standard, powerful simplicity, as online becomes more unified and integrated. CMS, responsive, open-source, transportable, reliability are all standards now. Focus is placed on exceptional user experiences and amazing content.

Online technologies have lowered the costs to reach audiences. But that comes at a price, a massive increase in competition

Online marketing channels have become incredibly congested. Stuffed full of ‘me too’ businesses that have little or no differentiation in their offering. You can get a website up quickly, smash in some stock photographs of business handshakes and bolt on a templated e-commerse system. The trouble is the competition has done that too. An attack of the clones. How do people choose you from the sea of competitors?

Paid media used to be a quick solution

Yes it still works, but only for very saturated markets, like LED light bulbs for instance. The competitive cost of paid media has exceeded the margins, as every man and his dog ship in bulbs from China and sets up a £99 website. We carried out a quick Google search and found 18,300,000 related pages for LED lightbulbs, all offering discounts. That means, that if I click one of the higher ranking paid media ads, it would cost some poor bugger an eye-watering £15+, even if I chose to leave the site immediately after entering.  At that cost you want a guaranteed conversion, repeat business AND you want them to refer their friends!

Don’t think this just applies to e-commerce websites, anyone working within a competitive market place can fall into the pay-per-click void. If your product or service isn’t 100% original, you can guarantee that someone, somewhere is paying for hits. The value of differentiation is now clear. User experience, customer engagement and consistently evolving, excellent content are crucial. Digital Agency Birmingham.

As an online agency. we believe standard SEO is dead. Long live genuinely disruptive brands, UX, content and commitment to value differentiation

Digital Agency Birmingham
Decent results on organic listings

Having a stand-out online presence is now about ideas, excitement and innovation. Solving problems, creating an engaging customer experience and living up to your brand values. The days of cheating Google and producing mediocre content are over. Having a brand framework helps keep everything within a structure. Think about it, it’s in Google’s best interest to serve up the most relevant, content rich results for every search. This is the key to creating a positive online experience, so why wouldn’t Google reward people who make the effort to provide good experiences and produce valuable content?

We work with our clients as a brand development partner, with the aim of empowering them to create rich, valuable online content for themselves. After all, they are the experts in their respective fields. Content creation becomes part of the operational fabric of their business and supports their proposition.  Produce quality content – See the rewards. Digital agency Birmingham.

Here is an example of a disruptive contender that is sweeping clean. Creating a superior user experience that is growing into a business development machine


In essence this business is a tax allowance recovery from HRMC.  Their specialist areas are innovation and development costs, often claimed retrospectively. They are very successful at what they do and have enjoyed good times, high profits and huge growth…

…Then JumpstartUK arrived… POW!


JumpstartUK have done tremendously (especially considering they are a relatively new player) and are hoovering up the market share. We can’t fault anything about their online proposition and their slick marketing approach. They listen to their customers. They have a constantly evolving database of excellent content. They engage their customers and listen to their concerns. They focus on repeat business. They commit to their key differentiators and reflect them in everything they do… In short, they are taking over. It’s worth writing a blog about them, so here I am. A splendid proposition, a solid user experience, an outstanding sales process, the works. Everything that we have just talked about… So shine on Jumpstart, and your online disruption. But watch out for the comeback – this is a constantly evolving market place, after all. The disrupted may just become the disruptor!

In summary:

  • Commit to defining your brand
  • Commit to differentiation
  • Commit to service design
  • Commit to creating a valuable offering
  • Commit to developing an engaging online experience
  • Commit to constant iterative improvements
  • Commit to listening to your customers
  • Commit to building loyalty and repeat business
  • Commit to acting quickly to make improvements
  • Commit to creating a great culture content on a regular basis
  • Commit to developing your online real estate. Think outside your website
  • Commit to never stopping development or making improvements
  • Commit to not looking at your competition too hard for inspiration



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