Effective brand development

Director of Global Events

Dear A&P friends!

Effective Brand Development. It’s difficult to believe the scale of what we achieved this last week. The entire team worked brilliantly together to pull off something truly unique. I’ve had nothing but massive praise and admiration from everyone connected and I am so delighted with the entire event. You would not believe how many positive social comments, emails, letters and calls that we’ve been receiving. It’s 10 times what we’ve had in the past and my hope is that the energy and excitement that we created will continue and extend the life and value of the Rally. I am confident that the event will make a direct and positive affect on the global business in this next year.

It would not have happened without you and I am truly thankful for your time, commitment, creativity, attention to detail and awesomeness.

Thank you, thank you and thank you again!
We did good! Best wishes, Nick

Managing Director

“……………AlignandPull introduced us to a completely new way of thinking, helping us to realise the issues, make incremental changes, motivate the team, do less in the right way and get better returns. Our products are recognised superior merit opposed to ‘the cheap alternative.’ Our distributors are more engaged, our training is over subscribed 3 times over when previously we struggled to fill places. Our web traffic has doubled as have our revenues online. We are now a spectacular number 2 in the market, we have exceeded our targets for the last three years. It is a great open, focussed and productive partnership. We had a target of £81,000,000 for the year end, but the results in were £93,000,000. Needless to say, we are very pleased…….”

Group Marketing Director

“…..Initially, I was skeptical after being in this profession for 20 years, agencies come and go and over promise with polished sell, raid our budgets and wiggle around poor outcome results, failing to understand the business model, blinding with science that I see as just excuses. AlignandPull challenged our thinking and encouraged us to test new ways and measure the results. We completely flipped how we approached things, cut costs, and increased effectiveness, engaged the internal team to become the problem recognizers, solvers within a framework rather than just being busy, but ineffective. AlignandPull also helps us to bring not only different departments but different global regions together, they are now a key long term business partner………..”

Designer from internal department

“………….Here we go again, another new brand guidelines that are not practical for our needs, we have to redesign everything. Effective Brand Development. It was great to work with an organisation that encouraged us all to work together and  bothered to ask our opinion as part of the practical solution, rather than pretending we do not exist. Alignandpull created some brilliant concepts that we could run with and apply to collateral. We also felt that we could lean on them as a concept resource as we are more on the production side. We all use online systems to help with accurate project management, we have a great asset library to work with. We are doing some much less going round in circles which was demoralising it goes to management and get rejected, the thinking is done before it gets to us we get a clear task briefing, we are so much more productive and no more panics and late nights, we feel that we are all part of the same team…………..”

European Sales Director

“……………Previously our sales performance was just terrible, customers just wanted a discount and we only won tenders because we were cheap, margins were constantly falling and we were not even getting to the first round of high quality installation tenders. Competitors would use our brand as negative benchmark. ‘if you want cheap use this, but it  is rubbish.’ The product development and technical teams had put a vast amount of work into developing good products, which were much better in comparative tests against the competition, this was not being communicated or recognised, it came across as just  marketing words. AlignandPull help us to reposition the product brands on merit, lots of efforts went into campaigns and brand value development about 12 months before the Olympics. We won the primary contract for the Olympics and we have since won an installation in landmark London financial building where there can be ‘no compromise’ on infrastructure reliability. It is simply night and day from where we where as the end user now asks for our brand by name. AlignandPull also recognise opportunities through insight, as technology develops and converges giving us a unique and unfair advantage. Before our partnership and the last 18 months of hard work we simply would not have been a contender, we now have many more satisfied and repeat tier one clients, as a result………………”

Vice President

“……… (LOL) I used to nickname AlignandPull – Arm-and-a-leg! However, they have delivered so much value and results that we can measure, before and after. AlignandPull work with all of our departments well in Europe and the US, bringing us together, spotting opportunities, creating harmony, supporting motivational events that 20,000 delegates attend and manage and deliver fantastic creative collateral. Our turnover is up about £2,000,000 in the UK. I am very pleased with the result and they way they work so well with our internal teams. We are looking at a long term contract as we very much see the team who look from the outside in as part of long term business strategy, in fact, they help us create and deploy our strategy and some amazing ideas that receive positive feedback from our distributors. The demand is so high for our new rethought sales collateral that distributors are now willing to pay for the collateral, when before I am sure that most was just thrown in the bin. This has added so much value to the brand as we now produce quality rather than seeing everything as an opportunity to value engineer that created the wrong impression of our products. This year were are looking to tackle the online space, based on the opportunities that AlignandPull have spotted………..”

 Managing Director

“………. We supply precision components, we were having a terrible time through the value engineering and sourcing in China. AlignandPull help us define and communicate our value and niche our marketing activity. Ironically we now supply China with highly engineered precision components, which is a little bizarre………”

 Marketing Manager

“……….AlignandPull is helping us to improve our brand, innovate and position our products that sell well in our local market positioned as a British product has made all the difference……..”

Managing Director

“………..AlignandPull showed us why building a brand opposed to a product was critical as this product would be quickly copied. They helped us take advantage of owned media, built us an amazing brand. They helped us to understand the principles of LEAN and how to aim towards a product market fit by failing fast. A master stroke was changing the product to fit the gift market. Result so far, we are now getting over 10,000 Facebook likes a week, we had a trial order, then a repeat order from a retailer for £1,000,000 we are now developing with AlignandPull’s guidance other territories, particularly the Middle East. We have now appointed AlignandPull as non-executive Directors to help steer the organisation. Amazing………”

 Managing Director

“……….Our business was established in 1823, AlignandPull brought us up to date and into the digital age reaching out to a whole new customer base. AlignandPull helped to turn us from a declining business into a thriving business. We now have 4 months of back orders, we are working 7 days a week and have even had to start night shifts to keep up with demand. We really appreciate the AlignandPull approach that every penny spent on marketing should deliver a quantifiable result and outcome, we know rather than we think………”

 Chief Commissioner

“……….AlignandPull introduced us to the idea of Social Branding and Marketing to deal with regional social issues. AlignandPull introduced us to a new way of joined up on and offline communications, engagement, education of with service users and providers clearly connected to provide a seamless service. Effective Brand Development. The past year we managed a 6% increase in early intervention service use, AlignandPull by our own statistics created an increase of 72% of service us. A dramatic improvement. The campaign was so successful that we decided to extend it out to more sections of the population. We have since engaged with AlignandPull to address other social issues, as we have the measurements proving that they can reach, even hard to reach groups………..”

 Central Operational Officer

“………..Working with AlignandPull’s digital team to create a bespoke and highly complex online application that integrated with existing systems, employment legal requirements, contractual requirements. Effective Brand Development. Their ability to work in any medium, thinking about the problem, stripping out complexity and relating it back to the system users. The brand development, technical development, launch, user training and engagement we just incredible. I was so inspired I decided to join Alignandpull………….”

Communications Director

“……….AlignandPull helped us to use the value of tradition of our brand, but moved us away from just relying on it, making us think about what we are going to do today so we could successfully innovate rather than stagnate, so we could have broader appeal without devaluing our brand proposition…………”

European Marketing Director

“ …………Our organisation makes medical devices and is driven by venture capital. As an organisation, we have been purchasing organisations across the Europe that can add to out portfolio of capabilities as a group. The problem was the confusion of all the organisational and product brands, the sales teams have as many as 12 business cards, bundles of marketing material and such a confusing website. A previous agency, we feel gave us the wrong advice adding more complexity, confusion and costs were compounding the problem with a drive straight towards billable marketing activity. Effective Brand Development. AlignandPull quickly diagnosed the issues and arrange research and effective workshops with key members of the group flying into Heathrow. Effective Brand Development. The workshops we run in French, German and English languages, key to confirming and diagnosing the issues as well as getting buy in of the key members of the team. To move forward in a clear and structured way has just been incredible. Effective Brand Development. The organisation now knows what it stands for, the workforce believe in the organisational brand, the consumers of our products and services now understand our product value propositions which has made procurement process simpler and easier for them………..”

Chief Operations Officer

“…………I was aware of the structuring and brand development work that AlignandPull were doing, I am blown away with the harmonising thinking, simplification in the last meeting……….”

Managing Director

“………..We said we were market leaders to AlignandPull, we enjoyed the constructive challenge and the fact that you would not take our word for it. Effective Brand Development. It soon became clear where we should be focussing, with some independent insight. It  is great that an organisation and implement recommendations and change rather than walking away. We have been working with AlignandPull for three years, the figures speak for themselves…….”

Marketing Director and Managing Director

“……….Experience and an impartial review can point out the simple things that make the big difference, AlignandPull pointed out that we could make the transition to doing more online business with a better user experience. Effective Brand Development. This equated to an easy win of nearly £800,000 on our top line with their strategies, A/B testing and online application development………..”


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