Home care recruitment and staff retention

Home Care Recruitment and Staff Retention. Brand is all about sales and marketing of our, adding value to products and services – right?

So, why should you care about strategic employment branding, rather than just advertise your posts – and they will come?

Employment branding. Organisations obsess quite rightly about their external brand in granular detail, what their consumers think and what they want them to think, its glamorous and certainly more exciting. Organisations have whole teams dedicated to developing robust strategies around accurate insights, push strong resonating ‘on brand’ campaigns that attract, add value and increase spend on their products and services – the sell. Recruitment another key facet of a business is often overlooked and can be transformed when brand thinking is applied.

Employment branding, what is it?

Employer branding is the strategy that smarter organisations use to appeal to current (retention) and (recruitment) future talent. Employer branding should actively communicate to the ‘employees and potential candidates that matter,’ why an employer’s workplace is appealing, and much better than the competition.

What is the business benefit of employment branding?

1. If there is a shortage of skilled labour

Organisations that are perceived to be the more attractive employers will have an easier time recruiting the right talent, especially when there is a limited pool of candidates.

2. Doing much more with much less

Employer branding results in more successful recruitment campaigns and retention of your talent. Convincingly communicating the actual hard reality of the work environment, the expectation and culture, organisations are more likely to attract talent that fits their organisational culture and retain them for the longer term.

3. Helps to drive growth & profitability

Employment branding. Attracting and retaining the good staff is essential for growth, to maintain a competitive edge. Employees who have the right skills, experience and knowledge, in relation to the critical areas of a business are strategically important, management time is significant with self-motivated and conscientious people.

4. Popularity

Research within the jobs market clearly reveals to us that graduates and professionals want to work for companies with the best reputations; as research they often ask family members, friends and colleagues for advice and a brand approval when making a decision about which employers to apply to and work for.

5. It pays to be attractive

Employees will want to work for you more than your competition, irrespective of pay levels.

6. Cost reduction

It reduced the cost of marketing vacancies from a time to fill the post as well as the cost of media. Getting the wrong candidates is costly as well as very disruptive to the heart of the organisation. Get your employment branding as solid and aligned right as your external branding you will attract more of the ‘right’ candidates.

7. Stronger coherant recruitment marketing

There is no doubt recruitment marketing has become easier with a strong, clear and consistent recruitment message across the channels deployed. Naturlig bodybuilding – överklagandet och fördelarna med äkta naturlig bodybuilding peptider kopa kampanjkod tyngdlyftningssimulator 3: fitnesshem gym kabelmaskiner bifogad crossfit bodybuilding muskelstyrka träningspass.

Home Care Recruitment and Staff Retention in practice?

Lots of really tricky recruitment challenges we have undertaken for the NHS and Local authorities.

The difficulty recruiting for the care sector and AlignandPull challenge.

Home Care Recruitment and Staff Retention. Huge challenges face the care sector, the aging population of ‘baby boomers’ is dramatically increasing the need for elderly care. The underfunding or inability of local Government and Social Services to be able to afford care services for the elderly at the scale required.

Home Care Recruitment and Staff Retention. A Carer is low paid often minimum wage. This is further compounded as the economy picks up, with better paid semi-skilled and unskilled jobs being available in a greater number in manufacturing is further reducing this workforce pool willing to work in care.

Being a carer can involve some unpleasant tasks, as well as a fairly high degree of responsibility, administering medications, managing care plan and being totally reliable. Often when the reality of the job bites this can create a fast exit, when the employer has already invested significant time in, background checking training in medication and handling a candidate over many weeks of induction.

Home Care Recruitment and Retention. We have isolated; an average cost of around £1,800 per newly trained carer that then leaves shortly after training to go to an entirely different profession.

If you we to look at many other business sectors, the costs of hiring and training are high and can significantly impact the business, which can be improved.

Home Care Recruitment and Staff Retention. We are working with a client to solve this issue by developing a strong and genuine recruitment and retention brand. We are developing insight into the hardcore of carers that have been within the organisation for a long time. Rain (deep snow walking to jobs in the Derbyshire dales during the winter) wind or shine; they are reliable and absolutely love what they do.

Home Care Recruitment and Staff Retention. We have been told by our client that this is an “impossible” industry-wide recruitment challenge to solve. We are pleased to disagree. We think recruitment has been done in a one size fit all way by recruitment agencies, who get their fees for placements not retention. With some research and imagination we will solve this challenge.

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From 14 applicants a month we are now up to 63 applicants a month, the client is now fulfilling it contractual obligations.

We have ten year’s experience in the care sector; we can give care organisations the tools for more effective carer recruitment as well as a competitive advantage in marketing care services.


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