Selling a business, for more

Selling a business for a higher value exit. For many business owners selling your business is a once in a lifetime ride off into the sunset happy forever after the event, so you want to get it right, make informed decisions and maximise your chance of achieving your aspirational exit value.

Content marketing it’s more powerful than advertising

It took some time for some businesses to grasp that Social Media and content marketing is not just for kids. It's very a core channel now. All types of business in a range of sectors are focussing on structured and considered content marketing.

Free marketing, turn customers into powerful advocates.

The traditional marketing funnel is a bit dead, and it almost encourages you to treat customers in the wrong way. Customers become nearly an afterthought, a prospect that needs converting and cash extracting.

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Is your brand dying?

66 indicators your brand is dying. Brand Value Perception Decline. There’s is one constant in all these brand casualties. It’s what it’s missing.

Digital Clutter

Digital Clutter

The digital revolution was and is awesome. But. It's going wrong, really wrong for most businesses. So what are the winning organisations doing so differently?