From Midlands brand consultant, to fearless underground explorer

Midlands brand consultant, Lucy Whitehill leaves our Birmingham based studios and steps out into the underworld.

Go Brave.

Lucy Whitehill has embraced her fear of dark, enclosed, wet spaces and heights in a dangerous exploration of a disused Welsh mine. 900ft drops, slippery crevice climbs, vertical zip wires into the abyss, and continuous dangling from ropes in the pitch black… Lucy’s has proved that she is the brave brand ambassador that Birmingham needs.

There were terrifying, paralysis inducing phycological challenges to overcome, and there was no turning back. The extreme underground course is a one way street. So once you start, there’s no turning back… For SIX hours! Go-Ape is a picnic by comparison.

Check it out here: Go Below Ultimate Xtreme

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