Conquering the unknown

Client: Bohem  |  Services: Strategy. Brand. Creative. Digital  |  Sector: Retail

Bohem was a brand new jewellery startup making solid silver nails. They had passion, talent, and a unique idea, but were without the knowledge to take it to market. In fact, at this point they were even without a name. The opportunity to launch a new product into a new market with a completely clean slate was genuinely exciting – and something we simply couldn’t pass up.


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Align&Pull helped us realise our ambition, playing a very important part in developing our proposition and creating the brand. They were fundamental in coaching and supporting us through the process and their insight changed the way we thought about our product and how to find and engage with our key target market.


Planning for greatness

As with any new product, people needed to be educated about how it should be used. We utilised events, content marketing and genuine celebrity endorsements, and even linked into Rihanna’s “Diamond” tour to keep our messages newsworthy. By activating the brand through social media channels and developing an e-commerce platform for sales and distribution, we also kept the startup’s costs to a minimum.

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