Creating a differentiating proposition

Client: Cap Seven  |  Services: Strategy. Brand. Creative.  |  Sector: Retail

CAP7 specialise in providing LED lighting solutions to large-scale and small-scale businesses. For the past couple of years they have enjoyed rapid growth and numerous successes, establishing themselves as a key player in a new wave of energy efficient, sustainable lighting providers. Having somewhat outgrown their initial brand and identity, it was time to evolve.

Making a positive change

We encapsulated their passion, creating a culture of positive change. Leading an LED Revolution, a progressive, forward thinking business that can tailor bespoke, end-to-end solutions that will not only save money, but future proof businesses against rising energy costs, taxes and maintenance bills. CAP7 even make sure that your old hardware is recycled and disposed of responsibly, which really only leaves one question… Why wouldn’t you?

Enough About Us

it’s all about you

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