Developing a more accurate perception.

Client: Cook & Associates  |  Services: Strategy. Brand. Creative. Digital   |  Sector: Conference & Exhibition.

For the last 25 years, Cook & Associates have designed and constructed immersive experiential spaces that embody their client brand’s to attract, engage and connect with delegates across the globe.

An early adopter of new technology, experiential integrated with the physical space, the requirement was to effectively reposition Cook & Associates to reflect who they truly are; a dedicated agent of the immersive brand experience.

This has been very much a fun, creative ideation partnership of ambitious change with AlignandPull. The dark clouds of Covid-19 arrived, mid-flight, driving big pivotal change, industry-wide. Cook & Associates were ready to innovate, adapt and introduce more relevant products and services, allowing the business to maintain its client relationship and thrive.

Developing the understanding.

The new website was conceived to be a highly interactive and engaging capability showcase, that represents the range of physical and digital experiential products and services embraced by Cook and Associates. The emphasis on quality content, insights and innovations has been at the core of the new site.

Brand management.

Brand development is nothing without control. Acting as a brand guardian, we work with the leadership team to develop strategies, create tools and provide brand guidance to benchmark and ensure consistency.

Engaging the power of video.

In a time-poor, easily distracted world, nothing communicates and engages as powerfully online in the social media space. This has been an effective collaboration with Cook & Associates business development team to understand, at a deeper level, the emotional triggers of clients and to engage with clients and prospects.

The value in delivery.

Cook & Associates have an exemplary track record of delivering excellence for leading organisations who require the total solution from, ideation, design, build and complex cross-time zone logistics and onsite support. These high expectations need to map across every Cook & Associate’s touchpoint, considering every component in the marketing system through to how the team look, their value sets, belief system, verbal and visual communication.

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