Clarity for business growth

Client: CSCM  |  Services: Strategy. Brand. Creative. Digital   |  Sector: IT

CSCM is a strategic IT business partner working with a national and international client base. Having grown organically, it had a confused product and service offering – fundamentally underselling itself.

Our brand spanking workshop engaged the CSCM team, developed the understanding of the product and service capabilities, expertise, value and ambitions for growth.

The objective; to align thinking, provide clarity, restructure product and services and determine a framework that genuinely represents their vision, credentials and how they positioned their services and themselves in the market.

Structure and consistency

With the target market understood, proposition within it clearly defined, and product sets renewed – we created an identity and assets for development across all marketing activity. 

As a critical marketing tool, the new website was structured to incorporate all these developments and to showcase their new brand. 

A reliable, easy to administer site to ensure content was relevant, timely and developing inline with their own business ambition and developing inline with their own business ambition.

Marketing support

Understanding the ambition enables us to provide and support organisations’ goals through strategic marketing and planning. We provide ongoing marketing support, working with the leadership team to develop strategies, create tools and activity to generate awareness and encourage engagement – on and offline.

Engaging the team

An important part of the process is engaging the team. Internal brand guardians who have the insight, direction, clarity and the right tools have a powerful impact on the business from the start.

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