FTSE 250 Brand Development

Client: Dignity  |  Services: Strategy. Brand. Creative  |  Sector: Funeral Services

Dignity Funeral Services is a FTSE 250 company with a proud history dating back as far as 1812. In all its years the business has had little reason to develop a national brand as the reputation of most funeral homes is built at a local level. However a changing marketplace and increased competition from the likes of the Co-op meant that now was the time to be very clear about what the Dignity name stood for.

A defining purpose

From the workshop and analysis of research findings it was clear that Dignity invested heavily in its staff, facilities and services alongside innovating new products inline with social change. The funeral services provided by Dignity were by far the best in the industry and with their ambition to continue to strive for excellence in all that they do With Distinction was born.

Internal engagement

With 880 employees – the importance of brand understanding is critical to its success so multi-level and multi channel communications are being established to encourage ongoing engagement and adoption.

We continue to work closely with the Dignity team to develop and deliver the brand proposition that reflects their exceptional standards, through all of their internal and external communications.


a unique proposition

Defining a unique proposition in what has become an increasingly competitive marketplace was a great challenge. Developing relationships with Funeral Directors, partners and support staff – changing perceptions and creating advocates. We have created a long term brand and implementation strategy for stability and growth.

Lucy Whitehill, Director of Brand Strategy, Align&Pull