Striking a chord with carers

Client: Mediline Home Care Group  |  Services: Strategy. Creative. Digital  |  Sector: Care

Most carers are recruited online. We created an identifiable recruitment brand that cut through the clutter and immediately differentiated Mediline by speaking directly to the values and emotions of the target audience. Our new website experience made sure applying or requesting information was as effortless as possible. We developed a range of materials to take the campaign offline, reaching those who shared our values.

Engaging the heart, not just the head

The difference our Everyday Heroes proposition made continued beyond the recruitment phase. One cause of the industry’s poor staff retention is a lack of recognition from employers. As well as providing a common banner that brought the Mediline workforce together, Everyday Heroes gave Mediline the perfect vehicle to recognise, share and reward the kind of actions that originally inspired the campaign. And also yet another reason for existing carers to consider them.


a strong recruitment brand

“AlignandPull have been a great support in creating and implementing change to how we recruit carers with the right value sets. They have helped us build a strong recruitment brand, in what is a very challenging time for the care sector.”