Birmingham is trending

Spielberg Birmingham. Only a few weeks after Hollywood visited Birmingham for the filming on Kingsman: The Golden Circle, they have returned to use our unique city for another major production.


Lionel Street, Birmingham UK


Birmingham must have charmed Hollywood movie production companies whilst filming Kingsman, possibly due to the large variety of sceneries tightly packed side-by-side creating the ultimate urban film production location. But it also could be because of our welcoming and friendly Brummie people (who in most cases are excited to be part of something fantastic!).


Water Street, Birmingham UK


Water Street, Birmingham UK

Birmingham’s uniqueness finally recognised

Birmingham has famous architectural landmarks, with a mix of historical and contemporary buildings side by side. The remains of the industrial era and a hint of the multi-cultural & bohemian vibe creates a very diverse location. Our famous landmarks including the Bullring & St Martin’s Church, the City Hall, Rotunda, St. Paul’s Church and much more combined with the beautiful canals and outer areas of Birmingham, rich with diverse cultures, really paint a vibrant picture.


I like to think the diversity of our city shows that we can cater for any filming production, and the two major movie productions taking place here only weeks apart proves it.


Lionel Street, Birmingham UK


One corner of the ‘Spielberg Village’ on Church Street & St. Paul’s Church in the backround, Birmingham UK

Take one. Action!

Spielberg Birmingham. Our headquarters were in the middle of the action for Spielberg’s filming of Ready Player One. It is based on Ernes Cline’s novel about a virtual game world in America, in 2044. Spielberg and the production companies arrival created a mini-city of trailers and trucks and props storage, on a parking lot nearby to our offices. The ‘Spielberg Village’ (besides the actual filming spots) really made the whole production feel as authentic as it gets. It is amazing how many people are involved (but not coming as a surprise) and what it takes to set up a temporary location for a major movie production.


The ‘Spielberg Village’ on Lionel Street Parking Lot, Birmingham UK


Lionel Street, Birmingham UK


Teleporting to a new era

When popping out for my lunch break i was surrounded by people in futuristic-wear and eye-gear, crew members with walkie-talkies and headsets, very cool looking American and futuristic vehicles and temporary graffiti art put up. It made me feel a bit starstruck as it was like I have gotten lost somewhere in L.A.between movie sets in one of the notorious studios located there. And I just might be lucky enough to run into some famous actors or Spielberg himself (and in case you are wondering – i did not see him).


spielberg birmingham
Livery Street, Birmingham UK


I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore…

Spielberg Birmingham. Birmingham with the mix of old and new, showcased a perfect fit to create the set of the futuristic, 2044’s American streets. Once the actual filming started, the streets looked unrecognizable with all the props and action. It was exciting to experience something completely different to the usual on my normal route to work which I take every day, as suddenly it had been transformed into a location in another country and time. It was like taking a mini-break (and doing a bit of time traveling) into America in 2044.


Lionel Street, Birmingham UK


Warner Bros. Truck and a Futuristic Police Car on Lionel Street, Birmingham UK


Spielberg Birmingham

There was also a secret filming location under the spaghetti junction, which many were not aware of. Digbeth was also used for some scenes due to its quirky urban look. I am pelased to see movie productions coming away from London for once to explore other exciting areas in the United Kingdom.

We hope to see Steven Spielberg and back in Birmingham soon, and welcome all future film producers to come and visit us, I’m sure you will find what you need right here in Birmingham, England! And if you will be nearby us again, we invite you to come by for a cup of tea at our offices if it gets cold outside!

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