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Is your brand dying?

66 indicators your brand is dying. Brand Value Perception Decline. There’s is one constant in all these brand casualties. It’s what it’s missing.

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Changing a bad brand perception

Changing customer perception about your product or service brand.

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Changing the perceptions of a bad brand

Brand perceptions are formed, hardened and fixed by experience.

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The rise of the terrible brand clones

There’s comfort in copying a more successful competitor, for sure. If you want success you need genuine differentation.

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The things great brands know. No 2

When developing a brand, there’s one thing to be avoided at all costs.

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Don’t Trump your brand

The attractive mast-head of American political protagonist Donald Trump. But what is this suspiciously alluring promise based on?

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The incredible power of the bland!

Never under estimate how powerful a strong bland proposition can be.

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Beware of toxic brand development

Toxic brand development interventions - sold by agencies which don’t know what a brand means.

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