In response to a Birmingham Post article

Mobile browsing was always predicted to surpass sitting on our bottoms at a desk browsing, and as of this year, it accounts for over 10%.

Condensed right down – the reasons why apps are so popular is convenience; humans must be more closely related to sloths than first thought, doomed perhaps and heading towards the portrayal of humans in the film WALL-E .

I love Instagram, its just simple and brilliant as a LOMO freak myself. It’s not the app that’s valuable, it’s the 30 Million registered users. A company with 13 employees, less than 2 years old valued at $1 Billion, some $50 Million more than the New York Times.

Why are Google, Apple and Facebook in charge? Why do they seem to get the lions share of the web? Simple – we like them and they provide us with what we want, if this changes or we get bored in the online democracy, well they will be no more as the ‘now’, generation will vote with their feet.

On the flip side, Apple is freely giving out its developer tools to allow, (ahem), us kids to ‘micro develop’ fun or serious commercial software. This is something we have not really seen since the fun tape loading burrr and fizz days of ZX Spectrums and Commodore 64’s. Apple’s platform ensures quality as all apps have to be developed to a good standard, unlike crumbly PC products.

I don’t think the web will ever die, it will just evolve to suit user tastes, preferences and integrated browsing formats. As for investment booms; yes more than likely, I can hear the ‘click’ of opportunists putting their red braces on.

Hot online marketing tips for 2012

I think an issue is the big lag behind of most organisations when it comes to providing a more mobile versatile and adaptive experience, they are missing out on a huge chunk over 50% of online traffic.

A big concern is ‘Google Search Bubbles’, where search is skewed and manipulated presumptively around ‘captured’ user behavior, providing a distorted picture of the world, but that’s a conversation for another day.

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